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Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company

Three Explorers Attend Fire Academy Introduction Class


Over the past month, three dedicated teens from the Middlefield Fire Explorer Post attended a week long training course put on by the Connecticut Fire Academy. This intense training, called Introduction To The Fire Service (ITTFS) is an immersive, residential program designed to provide youths between the ages of 14 and 17 with an opportunity to explore the Fire Service. A strong emphasis is placed on teamwork, self– and mutual respect and character as students select their own leaders and learn the basics of Fire Department organization, the Incident Command System and the core fireground skills required of successful engine, ladder and rescue company personnel.

ITTFS courses are taught by a small, hand-picked and specially trained team of instructors. The environment that they create in ITTFS provides a safe, empowering, inclusive, positive, teamwork and character based learning experience. Over the years, participation in ITTFS has inspired graduates to become full members of their Fire Departments, seek out college opportunities within Fire and EMS and to earn positions as career Firefighters.

Explorers James Helmedach and Jake Layman attended the first week of training in the beginning of July, where Jake Layman was chosen by his peers as the Incident Commander for the week. His duties were to oversee the group as a whole, and organize tasks with the four group leaders. James Helmedach was chosen to be a Squad Leader for his group, where he was charged with overseeing his squad, and reporting to the incident commander.

The last week of July, Explorer Zak Czellecz attended the Advanced Introduction To The Fire Service. During this week, Zak was elected as a Logistics officer for his squad, responsible for making sure his group had all the equipment they needed, including making sure they had plenty of water during this very hot week of training.

At the conclusion to both weeks, the Connecticut Fire Academy put on a graduation ceremony followed by a presentation of all the skills the cadets learned that week. The Officers and Members of the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company would like to congratulate all three Explorers on a job well done.

Interested in becoming a member or and Explorer, contact us here!

Middlefield Firefighters Respond to Higby Mountain

Just after 12:00 PM on Sunday, May 10, 2015, Middlefield Firefighters were called to assist Meriden Firefighters in locating and rescuing an injured hiker in the woods near Mt. Higby.  The hiker suffered injuries after a 40-foot fall, and was located over 2 miles into the woods.  Middlefield, Meriden, and Westfield fire crews worked to transport the patient out of the woods where Lifestar Medical Helicopter was standing by to transport the patient to the hospital.

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