On the evening of April 12th, 1934, a group of men interested in fire protection met at the Town Hall and adopted the By-Laws of the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company.  The object of this company is to protect as far as possible, the lives and property of the citizens of Middlefield from loss or destruction by fire.  The charter members who were present at the meeting were:

Herman Alcott             Bruno Kleczkowski
E. B. Bigelow               Theodore Lindemark
Nelson Burnham         Henry Lyman
Frank Davis                  John Lyman
Shelton Dontigney      Ernest Nettleton
Stanley Drezek            Henry Peterson
Fred Fowler                  Earl Tait
Louis Garbonola          Walter Terrill
Henry Geffken             Elmer Warner
William Greenbacker  Walter Zink
Warren Holt

From these members, John Lyman was elected the first chief of department.

The early days were busy ones with details of organizing, equipping, and financing a new fire company.  A fire house, consisting of two bays for apparatus on the main floor and a meeting room, kitchen , and restrooms on the second floor was built next to the original Town Hall which is where the fire department parking lot currently exists.

A 1934 Reo fire truck was purchased as the first piece of apparatus and late that year a Lincoln truck was purchased, rebuilt, and equipped by the members.  Every means of raising money to equip the company was used, card parties, raffles, dances to mention a few in order to augment the Town budget for the fire department.  Fire notification to firefighters were made by calling each member via telephone.


Chronological History of Events:

December, 1934 - Department voted to purchase six black rubber coats and six pair of woolen mittens.

September, 1935 - New water supply established at Middlefield Grain and Coal Company.

October, 1936 - Voted to purchase six helmets at $5.00 each.

April, 1938 - First roof ladder purchased for $15.90.

January, 1940 - Cottage fire at Lake Beseck revealed three dead bodies.

February, 1942 - Voted to install a telephone in the fire house.

June, 1944 - Wallingford fire department called to assist with a fire at chicken coops.

June, 1945 - Town to purchase one 15 lb fire extinguisher.

February, 1946 - First Minstrel show held (Major Fire Department Fundraiser).

September, 1946 - A Dodge chassis was purchased and members built the body, mounted a pump, sire, ladders, and lights.

April, 1947 - New Ward LaFrance fire engine arrives equipped with 500 GPM pump.

October, 1947 - Voted to have a children's Christmas Party.

December, 1947 - Siren placed on fire house roof to improve alerting of members.

September, 1948 - Additional siren mounted on Lyman's Gun Site building.

June, 1949 - First Scott SCBA purchased, siren approved for Chiefs car, flashing lights discussed for member cars and Fire Department License plates.

June, 1951 - Radios purchased for trucks at cost of $1,000, new addition of 3rd bay on fire house completed.

March, 1954 - Service pins of ten and five years approved.

June, 1954 - A 1,200 gallon tank was purchased and mounted on a new Ford chassis with a 500 GPM pump.

October, 1955 - Rockfall siren installed, major fire at Lyman barn caused $150,000 in damage, mutual aid involved over 100 firemen.

July, 1958 - New Mack 750 GPM pumper purchased to replace Reo.

April, 1961 - Bone Mill Fire (Rogers Manufacturing) loss totaled $415,000.

June, 1962 - Two hydrants added at Rogers and Tone alerting radios purchased for firemen's homes to be activated by fire dispatcher.

November, 1969 - Open house for new addition and 35th anniversary of the Department.

January, 1972 - New American LaFrance pumper is delivered, 1,000 GPM/750 gallon water tank.

October, 1973 - Durham Fair Booth approved for fund raising.  Booth to be built.

September, 1974 - Dodge utility van purchased, first rescue truck.

March, 1975 - First Easter flower sale conducted as fundraising event.

July, 1976 - Middletown Fire assumes fire dispatching service for Middlefield.

August, 1977 - New Brockway Tanker arrives, it carries 1,800 gallons of water.

December, 1981 - New Rescue tool placed into service, prior to this calls were made to East Berlin and Middletown for assistance. This was purchased through company sponsored fundraising events and donations from the community.

August, 1983 - New Mack Engine arrives to replace 1958 Mack, new truck has 1,250 GPM pump and holds 1000 gallons of water.  Committee established to refurbish 1958 Mack.

August, 1984 - 50th Anniversary events/parade held, fireman's ball held and Middlefield Ohio attended the parade.

January, 1984 - 911 emergency phone system being placed in service.

April, 1988 -Cathy Villwock-first female firefighter joins department.  Major fire destroys Fowlers Market on Way Road.

December, 1988 - New Rescue 4, a Ford C-8000 with Ranger body placed in service with new rescue tool and air bags.

July, 1992 - New Grumman engine arrives to replace the American LaFrance.  Grumman pumper can pump 1,750 GPM and holds 500 gallons of water.

July, 1993 - Fire Department charters post for explorers.

July, 1994 - Fire dispatch changed from Middletown Fire Dept to Valley Shore Emergency Communications.

August, 1996 - New Peterbuilt tanker (2500 gallons) arrives to replace Brockway.

November, 1997 - Dodge pick up purchased and placed in service as a brush truck.

February, 1999 - New Lukus tool purchased and placed into service.

August, 2000 - New training building behind town garage constructed, will allow department to maximize training opportunities for structure fires.

June, 2002 - New thermal imaging camera purchased.

January, 2003 - New HME engine arrives from Gowan-Knight to replace 1982 Mack, the new engine carries 1000 gallons of water and has a class A foam system.

December, 2003 - New medical response truck, a Ford 2004 F-350, placed into service.

October, 2004 - New HME Gowans-Knight rescue truck placed in service to replace 1988 Ford.

January, 2008 - New rescue boat with engine has arrived and placed in service.

March, 2014 - New Chief's vehicle purchased to replace 2004 Ford Explorer.

May, 2014 - New HME Gowans-Knight engine arrives to replace 1992 Grumman, the new engine carries 500 gallons of water and can pump 1,750 GPM.

October, 2014 - New Polaris Ranger 6x6 Off-Road vehicle arrives from Cofiell's Power Equipment.  The vehicle will be used for off road operations including rescue incidents and brush fires.  The vehicle is equipped with an 80 gallon water tank, pump, and area for patient transport.

February, 2016 - New Lucas 2 Compression system placed into service.  This device was purchased partially through company funds, and delivers constant high quality compressions, aiding responders in CPR and allowing CPR to be continued while patients are being moved.

August, 2017 - New 4-Guys Mack Granite tanker is delivered to replace 1996 Peterbuilt.  The new tanker carries 2,700 gallons of water and can pump 1,250 GPM.

September, 2017 - New medical response truck delivered, a 2017 Ford F-350.  Vehicle replaces a 1997 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.  The Company now has two fully equipped medical response vehicles.

December, 2017 - New Genesis electric rescue tools purchased.  These battery powered cutters and spreaders ("Jaws of Life") were placed into service, and allow firefighters to perform extrications without the need for hydraulic hoses, as well as allowing them to be used in remote locations away from the apparatus.

October, 2018 - Awarded 2017 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant to fund the replacement all Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and bottles which are at the end of their life cycle.  Packs replaced with Scott X3 Pro Air Packs with 45 minute bottles.  Also included are two Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) packs and one Pak Tracker device to help locate a downed firefighter.

February, 2019 - Two new thermal imaging cameras (TICs) purchased.